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Rejuvenate, Restore & Revitalize Your Complexion


As we age, we seek to feel and look as youthful as we can. We can turn to skin boosters to revitalize, rejuvenate, and restore your complexion. Traditional treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers may not be what we want or need.


The loss of the natural hyaluronic acid (HA) found within our skin (a compound which helps to hydrate, cushion and moisturize), the skin loses its bounce, volume and youthful appearance. 


Skin boosters, when injected into multiple areas of the face, a holistic result can be activated by creating a healing response from an instant boost and repair through HA, peptides, and vitamins to   naturally improve the quality of your skin from the inside out in the weeks following a treatment. Skin boosters can be utilized by micro channeling or injected into multiple sites of the face, so that a holistic, comprehensive result is achieved. Your skin will start to benefit from the instant boost of HA, and then will work for itself, to repair and improve its suppleness. Results can be seen after 1 treatment and last up to 24 months depending on number of treatments and products used in treatment.

Effects and benefits of skin boosters:


  • Rejuvenation: fine lines and acne scars

  • Pore tightening: large pores

  • Whitening: Presents intense glow and shine.

  • Nourishing: improve dull, rough complexion

  • Anti-aging: by providing skin nutrition from the inside out.

  • Hydrate and, replace lost HA.

  • Encourage new production of collagen and elastin through a healing response.

  • Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles 

Skin boosters are available for all ages & skin types. Results can be seen within a few days. The HA in the skin booster treatment rejuvenates the same way that your own body regenerates HA, so full results may take two or three weeks. For longer lasting results, treatment for skin integrity, laxity & other factors and treatment options may be discussed at your consultation. 


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