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Used since the early 1990’s as a treatment for muscle spasticity, this once obscure drug has transformed the face of plastic surgery since its FDA approval for the treatment of wrinkles. Since its approval in 2002 it has become the most sought-after cosmetic treatment in the U.S. The popularity of Botox® is attributed to its nonsurgical nature, affordability, low occurrence of side effects and effectiveness in reducing brow furrows, horizontal forehead wrinkles and crows feet. How it works: ​ Derived from a purified protein produced by a bacterium, Botox® blocks nerve impulses to muscles in a very localized way, temporarily relaxing muscles that cause wrinkles in the face. What to expect: ​ The treatment is quick and painless; performed in the office without any anesthesia being needed. Results are gradual, begin to take effect 3-7 days after treatment and typically last 3-4 months. A natural-appearing relaxation of muscles occurs with softening of the forehead and the “eleven lines” and the elimination of crow’s feet. The treatment is tailored for the individual so that wrinkles are eliminated while natural expression is maintained. Areas of treatment:

  • Glabella- The area between the brows or the “eleven lines”

  • Forehead- Horizontal lines across the forehead

  • Crow’s feet- “smile line” at the side of the eyes

  • Around the mouth- Vertical lip lines

  • Lip depressors- To improve a downward turned corner of the mouth

  • Neck- Muscular bands on the front and side of the neck

  • Non-surgical brow lift- A moderate lift of the brows without surgery!​

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